Branding and marketing for architecture, acoustics and technology

Founded in 1962, Bickerdike Allen Partners are architects as well as expert witnesses and consultants in fields such as energy, sustainability, cladding and CDM (Construction Design & Management regulations). Most notably, they specialise in acoustics, architecture and construction technology.


Bickerdike Allen Partners sought to drive stakeholder focus to their three areas of core competence: architecture, acoustics and technology — and their identity had not been touched for 50 years.


The identity redesign included development of their brand strategy and positioning, a new logo that represents the core three-part offering in a characteristic architectural “lock-up” design, a new website that raises the digital profile of the company and creates the platform for a strong digital presence.

The bespoke WordPress website highlights these key areas throughout the responsive site design, whilst also improving SEO. Navigation is simple and intuitive, with three engaging images providing easy access to the three areas architecture, acoustics and technology. We supported the firm further with social media management, website optimisation and marketing activities.

We needed to update our practice identity and with 50 years of history to contend with, it was no small exercise. Working with Leidar, we were able to develop a brief and work through a series of options to a final design that very much reflected the multi-disciplinary nature of our practice. Following on from this we then commissioned Leidar to design and update our website. As a firm of architects, we very much appreciate Leidar's collaborative approach and their ability to manage and deliver a brief in sometimes challenging circumstances.

— Giles Greenhalgh, Partner, Bickerdike Allen Partners