Animation about national borders that aims to create debate and awareness in high schools.


“Borders” is one of three films Aschehoug Publishing wanted produced to accompany their digital book “På Høyden”, targeted at classes for minority youth in Norwegian high schools and funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. The writers of the book wanted films that were provoking or surprising in order to engage teenagers emotionally. The goal with “Borders” was to create debate about a subject that can be especially emotional or controversial for many minority groups, refugees and immigrants.


We chose a fresh and warm animation style to tell a universal story about a subject that can easily become political. We were able to make this film because the writers of the book were ambitious and clear when commissioning the film. They wanted the film do what a syllabus book can’t do: create emotions. Through a narrator the film tells how humans have shaped the borders of the world, and moved and removed borders throughout history.

But global problems such as climate change cross borders very easily, and what happens when a whale swallows plastic within the borders of one nation, but washes ashore in another country? Who is responsible? Do nations have responsibilities outside their borders? What is the point of borders if they make problems instead of solutions? These are some of the questions asked in the film.

“Borders” won the Golden Trophy at the Deauville Green Awards 2018, in the category of Fight and Adaptation to Climate Change, and was awarded Best Animation Film at the Terres Festival in Spain 2019.