Digital Projects

Film showcase with Bose Pro, the concert standard


Bose Pro is still a relatively unknown brand in Europe, while the consumer market is very familiar with Bose as a household hi-fi producer. How do you tell the professional audio industry about Bose Pro as a producer of good sound at home as well as in concert halls?


We made films where the Bose Pro system user can clearly see the product benefits.

The first film is about Bose Pro RoomMatch, one of the most popular PA-systems that can be sold as both a fixed installation and for tours. This is installed in the Oslo Concert Hall. The Chief Technical Engineer and the Managing Director of the Oslo Concert Hall are interviewed on stage as slow jazz sets the mood for the film.

The film about Bose Pro RoomMatch in Oslo Concert Hall was meant for the Nordic market but was so well received that it was picked up by the Head Quarters in the US and published on the Bose global website.