Developing a personalised beauty brand

We developed the customisable packaging for Button & Wilde, a luxury bath and body care gift brand, having previously created the strategy, name, identity and website illustrations.

Customers can choose photos, pictures, background styles and personalised messages as part of the brand experience — the first time that this level of personalisation has been available for beauty products in the UK.


To create a completely new brand of personalisable beauty gifts.


We focused a great deal of attention on striking the right balance between the Button & Wilde brand itself and the personalised aspect, for example a photograph taken on a hen weekend with a funny message as part of the final product. Every aspect of the consumer experience was examined from the gift boxing, to the shape and weight of the packaging to ensure buyers and gift recipients fully appreciate the quality of the product.

The woodland characters were drawn and developed after our client asked for a magical feel, and are inspired by a couple of regular visitors to our designer Juli’s garden.

The client and customers are delighted with the finished product and are confident that Button & Wilde is now setting the benchmark for the personalised gift market.

The pop-up shop in London’s Soho, shown in the images below, was an incredible success and an enchanting experience enjoyed by many visitors.

Project undertaken by Grain previous to the merger with Leidar in February, 2018.

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