Global Engagement Framework for a Peacebuilding organization

Challenge: The international community is overloaded daily with information about conflicts and violence. However, peace is possible and this message needs to reach the global audience.

Solution: Leidar helped Interpeace ensure it was communicating thoroughly about its unique methodology, working with local partners and all the groups of the society to build sustainable peace. Interpeace developed a Communications Framework that helps all the internal stakeholders to communicate about and on behalf of the organization. The development process included extensive research and workshops with all stakeholders to ensure ownership of the document. Leidar supported the process by providing strategic advice and facilitation of the process.

“Leidar has a capacity to combine the insights from the research with strategic thinking to develop strategies that are both realistic and sustainable. They also understand that current context requires engagement strategies that break the silos of traditional communications disciplines.”

Sarah Noble,

Director of Global Engagement, Interpeace.