Digital Projects

A dog’s last will and testament – Engaging emotions on a very important cause


There are 200 million homeless dogs around the world. We love animals and wanted help put this challenge on the agenda going into 2015 Holiday Season.


We discovered the poem “A dog’s last will” and created a film to support it. We decided to give the film away to organisations active in the area of rehoming dogs, and allow them to use the film in their advocacy work. We also helped them by including their logo and subtitles in other languages than English and Norwegian.

The movie was used by organisations all over the world – Norway, Indonesia, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Canada and the USA to name a few. Leidar also helped on social media strategy and implementation. It is difficult to say how many thousands have watched the movie, since the distribution is done over so many different sources – but we are already deeply touched by the many emotional reactions we have seen from dog lovers around the world.