Short documentary film about an Irish school that has decreased drop out rates dramatically


This film was commissioned for a seminar by the Life Long Learning Programme of the European Union, targeting the widespread challenge of pupils dropping out of secondary education. Several countries were to present the effect of specific measures and Ennis Community College of Further Education in Ireland was chosen as a successful case. The film was funded by the European Union.


We chose a classic documentary style for the film, including interviews and live action footage, in order to capture the energy and inspiration that exist in the Ennis Community College and the surrounding community. The film tells the story through many perspectives and by that manages to communicate a comprehensive picture of their successful educational approach. We meet the principal, teachers, students and local business leaders in the Ennis community. The footage is from engaging classes in practical subject such as woodwork and home economics, and excursions to local businesses. In addition the film is narrated with a voice-over giving insights into key points.

“Dropping out or staying on” is a heart-warming film emphasising the importance of identifying potential drop out students already at the age of 12-13 years old, and giving these children alternatives to academic classes through practical subjects. Potential drop out students are seen as a very important minority and a group with untapped resources and motivation ready to be revealed through practical subjects and results.