A refreshed visual identity and new website


Refresh the visual identity, develop and communicate a new product portfolio through a powerful mobile-first website.


We mapped ECOHZ’s existing content and evaluated what worked and what could be strengthened. Through workshops we articulated a logical concept with a two-fold product portfolio: Energy Neutral and Energy Positive, with three products in each category. This became the site map and the foundation for writing the content, while re-using existing content such as press releases, news and blogs.

The new visual identity included a new font, colours, icons, and pictures with a clear and engaging logo. We designed and built the website using the new visual identity to communicate how companies can choose the most appropriate renewable energy solution to change their energy behaviour.

Leidar helped ECOHZ communicate its renewable energy solutions in a customer oriented and easily accessible way. Our mobile first website is now an excellent reference point for our sales team and is the sole location for our latest materials.

— Tom Lindberg, Managing Director, ECOHZ