Establishing market presence for a new biodegradable plastic

Leading UK supplier of cleaning and hygiene products, CPD plc, undertook a three-year research project with the University of Sheffield with a desire to develop more sustainable materials. The result: a fully compostable, biodegradable plastic suited to a wide range of packaging applications.


Our challenge was to create a name, with international trademark and domain name availability, and a brand identity for this new biopolymer in order to establish its market presence. The product needed to be set apart in a growing competitive industry by creating brand recognition with corporate and consumer audiences.


We created the name, Floreon, together with the visual identity and promotional printed brochure design. Within the visual identity, we developed a distinctive kitemark for application across print and any bottles or containers made with the compostable plastic.

Floreon launched in October 2011 to an investor audience in the City of London and the brand has become a major innovator in the 3D printing market. Through our work, Floreon has stood out against many other entrepreneurial and innovative companies.

Project undertaken by Grain previous to the merger with Leidar in February, 2018.

Thanks to Leidar and their strategic talent and creative talents, Floreon can become a commercial success.

— Shaun Chatterton, Founder