Developing a compelling visual identity and helping Osmotex show the world their revolutionary new clothing technology: HYDRO_BOT


To create a characteristic name, modern visual identity and communicate the story and benefits of Osmotex’s unique clothing technology to the world.


Through our in-depth creative process, we developed a name that showcases the benefits of Osmotex’s revolutionary technology. “HYDRO” alludes to the moisture management aspect of Osmotex’s sportswear, while the underscore attaching the word “BOT” portrays the fact they are achieving it through technology. The typeface, colour palette, and guidelines work harmoniously to deliver a consistent and effective visual identity.

Once we had established a unique visual identity, we developed a website to showcase the amazing potential of this technology. We targeted the publications whose expert voices would give the most meaningful endorsement to the product and brand: textile publications. We developed and distributed a press release centred on the technology to Norwegian, German and international publications. Our media outreach achieved articles in major textile publications, including Fibre2Fashion, Sportstextiles, Textile World, and Innovation in Textiles. After we captured the attention of the textile industry, we moved on to an international audience and secured coverage in, amongst others, NBC and The Saudi Gazette.

Our deliberate approach to the visual profile and media outreach of HYDRO_BOT has established Osmotex as a serious player within sportswear technology.

Leidar’s branding and media relations work helped us get in touch with leading suppliers that are now working closely with. An example of how a 360 degree communications support can lead to tangible business results. Leidar’s experienced staff and professional approach have had a significant impact on Osmotex’s potential for business development.

— Joacim Holter, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board, HYDRO_BOT