International positioning in the Energy Industry

Challenge: To clarify Enoro’s vision, services and products, as well as position Enoro as a company with a clear voice within energy efficiency.

Solution: Leidar has assisted CEO Anders H. Lier and Enoro’s executive team with development of a strategic framework (vision, mission and values), communications strategies, and internal and external communications. By highlighting Enoro’s services, products and success stories, Enoro has taken a clearer position in the market.

Implementation: Together we identified great opportunities for increased media coverage to strengthen Enoro’s position in the Norwegian and international energy industry. Leidar identified specific goals and challenges, and what media should be targeted. We have developed and pitched ideas for chronicles and interviews, mapped out interview possibilities associated with all business travel, created content for social media and written news releases. We monitored all relevant media continuously, and suggested media initiatives when appropriate.

Today, Lier regularly receives requests to comment on the development in the energy sector, interviewed by news media and energy publications, and is a clear and unifying voice for Enoro.

“With Leidar´s assistance Enoro’s mission and vision has become clearer. The consultants at Leidar are always available, deliver on time, are great writers, and think outside the box. The combination of seniority and various competencies has made the cooperation with Leidar central in the way Enoro communicates internally and externally”

Anders Haakon Lier
CEO, Enoro