Animation film promoting a wishlist app in a personal, emotional and artistic way.


Listfully is a wishlist app made to bring people and families closer together, because gifts should be about relationships, not things.

The woman behind the app, Christine, is an American living in Norway. Her idea for the app was inspired by living far away from her parents, who sent gifts as a token of love. She found it difficult to use some of the gifts, so she wanted to help her family abroad to buy gifts that were wanted and needed, and also to create less waste.

The challenge was to make a film that could capture and promote the personal story behind the app, and inspire people to find the perfect gift, event, charity or occasion — such as a day at the beach.


The film tells a personal story using digital hand drawing on still images, giving the film a unique graphic style. Leidar has graphic designers/animation artists who can draw by hand, which gives projects an original look and make them stand out from graphic styles based on stock archive templates.

Our animation artist has drawn with a digital pen on top of every still image in the film and made elegant movements in every scene. This is a demanding task that takes time, but it is possible when limiting the amount of scenes and images with movement in the film.

The voiceover is read by Christine, who has a warm and gentle tone. The solution fits the challenge because it is truly personal and inspiring in its style and narrative. It makes the viewer want to cherish life and loved ones.