The sustainability focus of Nutreco and Skretting: A new brand


References to sustainability have become ubiquitous in company messaging. But they’re not always backed by concrete action. Nutreco wanted its proactive stance on sustainability to be reflected accurately throughout its portfolio of businesses. “Sustainability, it’s not what we aspire to do, it’s what we do.” Nutreco also wanted to consolidate their sustainability efforts within their businesses into one global brand.

We created a powerful visual identity for Nutreco, Trouw Nutrition and Skretting. The logo reflects the different companies’ profiles, whilst at the same time expressing a strong, independent identity. The logo had to be clear and culturally acceptable across international food traditions, and reflect Nutreco’s commitment to both the aquaculture and agriculture aspects of its work.


The previous name for Nutreco’s sustainability pillar was “Sustainable Nutrition”. We recommended a shorter, more distinctive name, that could become its own brand. We conducted our naming process with the client and coined ‘Nuterra’, which has now been trademarked.

In cooperation with our customer in Norway and the Netherlands, sketches were developed and tested in a large international focus group with members from all three companies. The logo represents sun, sea and land in an iconic and minimalistic way, lending itself to effective communication with different cultures. The logo shows that aquaculture and agriculture are equally important. The symbol conveys the natural cycle of life, and therefore sustainable development. The colours of the logo were selected to complement its brand owners Nutreco, Trouw and Skretting.

The visual profile of Nuterra was reinforced with four unique icons representing its sustainability focus areas. British illustrator Tom Berry created a series of ten illustrations that are used as an integral part of Nuterra’s identity.

During the spring of 2017, Nuterra’s sustainability initiative was launched worldwide. At the same time, its new sustainability report was launched globally, with specially tailored versions for Norway and Australia. The goal was to build internal pride across national borders and at all of Skretting’s locations. With an objective, journalistic approach to the content and a close connection to the UN’s Global Sustainability Goals, the report will be a tool for those who are concerned about, and work with, sustainability. Skretting’s sustainability reports for 2016 were distributed in May 2017.

New visual identity for Nutrecos sustainability efforts.
One of the pages in Skrettings sustainability report from 2016.