A new website for a philanthropic foundation

Established in 1983, Oak Foundation address issues of global, social and environmental concern through grants. Their causes span several countries and key issues.


To update the existing website to a more modern CMS and develop new templates for the 2019 Annual Report.


Leidar updated the Oak Foundation website from the existing Adobe Muse platform to a WordPress site with improved functionality, design and SEO. We developed an improved grant database that existed on the website itself, including search filters to optimise the experience for the user. The database featured a bulk upload option for admins, and removal of the grant when it ends. The existing blog and forms were integrated into the website, and newsletter signup was integrated with MailChimp, making the website a one stop Oak Foundation hub and improving the user experience.

We provided further support with the template design of the 2019 Annual Report, developing a flexible pagination to reduce content to 64 pages, and designing several page template options to adapt to individual article and image requirements. We provided the designs in the form of Adobe InDesign templates, accompanied by a clear, detailed guide to using them. This was further adapted as an online version, to sit alongside the website.


Redesigning a website is a big task. Finding the right company to help you is even more complex. Working with Leidar has been a huge success! They expertly guide you through the process. With their help we have improved the functionality and navigation of our website. Their team is really knowledgeable and professional. We have felt 100% supported throughout the project. I can strongly recommend Leidar.

— Mia Moore, Digital Media Communication Specialist