Partnership to build a unique advocacy experience

Multiplication of stakeholders, proliferation of (social) media and rapidly changing global agenda require strategic thinking and new types of analytical and communications skills.

To address the complexity of these global dynamics, individuals in international organisations, NGOs and companies need know how to advocate at the international level for a cause (from managing stakeholder communications to campaigning for an organisation’s position on policy).

Leidar and its strategic partner, Executive Education at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, identified a gap in the skills among many mid-career professionals in this space, and a need for capacity-building in organisations operating in the global arena. To remedy this gap, the two partners co-designed a degree-granting training programme in Advocacy in international affairs for individuals from across sectors.

Launched in 2012, the programme’s unique combination of in-depth academic knowledge with practical skills has delivered consistently high evaluations among the participants and supported dozens in their organisational objectives and career development.

The programme takes place at the Institute’s lakeside campus Villa Barton (picture), right at the heart of International Geneva.