Profiling the global WINConference and founder Kristin Engvig in Norway

Challenge: The global WINConference took place in Oslo from 27 to 29 September 2017. WINConference is an annual leadership summit with a focus on women and feminine values. This year, Founder Kristin Engvig took the conference back to her home country Norway for the 20th anniversary. Although the conference is internationally recognized, it was not yet familiar among relevant stakeholders, nor the media, in Norway.

Solution: WIN engaged Leidar to work on communicating the conference to the Norwegian media. By contacting Norwegian mainstream and local media, international stringers based in Norway, and journalists currently in Oslo for other events, the conference got broad press coverage in advance, during and after the conference.  Press coverage included an interview with Engvig  that led to a double-page spread in the leading financial paper Dagens Næringsliv a few days before the conference, a broadcast interview on the morning news on the national TV network TV2 Nyhetskanalen on the second day of the conference, interview and full conference coverage in the online leadership magazine Dagens Perspektiv, and local newspaper Tidens Krav.

“Leidar was an extension of the WIN team both before and during the conference, helping us articulate our call to action ‘from a meeting to a movement’. They were proactive, and saw key opportunities that led to strategically very important results for us above and beyond what was expected. I am very pleased with the results they managed to get”

Kristin Engvig, founder of WIN and WINConference.