Launch material for the leading chipset brand

Qualcomm is a world-leading force in chipset technology; their SnapDragon processor powers mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs produced by brands like Samsung. Qualcomm launched their new identity, designed by Interbrand, in January 2013 at the largest industry event of the year: the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Qualcomm had a new identity in place, but needed support to roll it out across branded items for staff and end consumers alike.


We were asked to bring the new identity to life by designing a range of products for the launch, for future corporate use, and for retail in the Qualcomm campus shop. A series of custom-made notebooks introduce the new palette of colours and illustrations inspired by electronic diagrams and Alexander Calder’s mobiles, supported by branded pens, mugs and wall-chart calendars. We also designed packaging for Qualcomm’s special edition UrbanEars headphones.

Project undertaken by Grain previous to the merger with Leidar in February, 2018.