Creating a film to raise awareness about food, water and energy security

A film presenting the unique public-private initiative Sahara Forest Project, made for screening at the UN Climate Summit 2019, COP25.


The Sahara Forest Project Foundation works to raise awareness about food, water and energy security connected to climate change, and offers concrete measures to tackle the challenges in desert areas. They needed a new film to promote their recent collaborations, in order to attract more partners and investors.


The style of the film had to be attractive to potential commercial collaborators and also communicate well with an international audience. We chose a voiceover that is informative, but also poetic, intending to make the audience imagine the possible future transformation of desert areas. The narrative is documentary in style, but made more dramatic by using slow motion, and both the camera and people are continuously moving.

The images show the landscape, greenhouses, technology, people working and of course the produce, which ends up being served on a ship. The film was shot at two locations and also used some stock footage, which made it essential that the visual style of the footage was shot in a similar way so the story was told in a coherent style.

We worked closely with the Head of Communications at the Sahara Forest Project Foundation in order to organise the shoot. When filming abroad it is always essential to work with people who are local and know the logistics and culture well.

The film may be viewed above or here.

We are extremely happy with the result and collaboration with the film crew at Leidar.

— Magnus Borgen, Head of Communications, Sahara Forest Project