Setting the course for a thought leader

Challenge: Help ECOHZ take a leadership position in a growing international market for renewable energy.

Solution: Unify the entire team behind one clear vision of “Changing Energy Behaviour”.  Leidar has worked closely with the Ecohz team for many years, jointly developing a clear strategic framework and training the team in storytelling.  Leidar supports ECOHZ with global press office services, production of literature and campaigns – helping ECOHZ to achieve its goal of being the thought leader on solutions for renewable energy.

ECOHZ offers renewable energy solutions to electricity providers, businesses and organisations across Europe, North America and Asia – providing renewable electricity, from a wide range of sources, regions and qualities.

“Leidar challenges us to communicate boldly and take positions on the global scene.  They are an extension of our team and we can count on them 24/7.”

Tom Lindberg