A series of short documentary films portraying citizens of the Greater Oslo Region for a campaign promoting the region internationally


Oslo Brand Partners is a cooperation between six municipalities and counties with the aim to promote the Greater Oslo Region internationally. The region is the metropolitan area surrounding and including the Norwegian capital. The challenge was to strengthen their promotional work with a series of short documentary films portraying citizens of the area who have made some courageous and interesting choices. The goal was to establish the Greater Oslo Region as an attractive place to live, work, invest and visit. The films had to show a great love for the region, but also advocate equality, freedom of speech and a well-functioning democracy.


We proposed a campaign to Oslo Brand Partners called #shareoslo in order to make the films remembered through one title and easily connected on social media with a hashtag.

The director did in depth research interviews with several candidates to make sure the films would portray a diverse and versatile mix of themes, represent all the geographic areas and the progressive attitudes, as briefed by Oslo Brand Partners. When working with the documentary genre and especially when portraying real people, preproduction is crucial for the end result. The films are successful because of a trusting relationship between the director and main subjects.

We chose a visual style where the main character would be in almost every image and moving with the camera to get a dynamic feeling of people in continuous development. The graphic elements are also moving in accordance with the camera movements by using tracking. Accurate production planning made it possible to film each portrait in one day.

All videos are on the #shareolso website.

The uniqueness of Oslo is its diversity, generosity and passion. The director and crew have conveyed this in an excellent way and brought out the best in the people they have portrayed on film.

— Tone-Lise Vilje, Brand Manager Oslo, Oslo Brand Partners