“Let it bee” – trucks to fall in love with


Skedsmo Betong, a large construction company in Norway with a formerly heavy and dull image, wanted a happier, more attractive and distinct visual identity.


We made the trucks the heroes of this story. Or large bumblebees to be precise. Based on the design book “A Smile in the Mind” (McAlhourne, Stuart) the implementation was an exercise in playful design. By seeing cement trucks as large bumblebees, we softened the image of construction. The company’s new logo, website, supplies, and profile ads revolve around the same simple idea. The slogan? “Let it Bee”.

“Leidar provided 5-stars execution and the creativity Leidar showed, without losing focus on our desires, has lifted a company with a dull image to something different and exciting”.

— Lars Haagen Børrud, Manager, Skedsmo Betong