Innovative Storytelling for SOS Children’s Villages


Traditionally SOS’ marketing has been about recruiting new SOS-sponsors. SOS wanted a strategy that made more of its relationships with existing sponsors.


Leidar worked alongside SOS to create the “sponsor-for-life” videos, which are specifically designed to strengthen long-term engagement with existing sponsors.

By visiting sponsored children and mothers in Vietnam and Swaziland, we tell the story about the orphaned girl who became a businesswoman. About the boy who became a construction engineer. About the woman who was not able to have children of her own, but who has 10 sponsored children. The stories are strong and raw, both in nature and content and represent something new and exciting within aid communications.

We also delivered an integrated Facebook solution that allowed the audience to see themselves in the films.

”We wanted to cooperate with a team that could tell a new and different story. The storytelling had to be distinct, honest, emotionally engaging and very authentic. It was very important to create a close connection between the person in the film and the viewer. We get great feedback from around the world, and we are fascinated by how Leidar´s team was able to present very strong content in a warm and compelling fashion.”

— Maria Høivik Rugaas, Advisor, Business and Social Responsibility SOS Children’s Villages Norway