State of Sustainability in Norway 2019 – a report on the state of sustainability in the Norwegian business sector


Sustainability Hub (S-HUB)Norway is an organisation that aims to help increase the general knowledge level, connect existing initiatives and attract new players to the sustainability field.

In 2018, the State of Sustainability report was published for the first time, a survey which looks at the status, challenges and opportunities within sustainability work in Norway. In 2019, there was a need to expand and enhance the survey to create a more extensive overview of focus areas for sustainability workers.


In 2018, the report was based on a master’s thesis written at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Leidar helped out with the content and design of the report.When the survey needed a rehaul in 2019, Leidar was engaged by S-HUB to assist with the whole process, including project management, creative ideas, development of survey questions, analysis of findings, and content and design for the report. This extensive work has included the development of the survey answered by 173 respondents, containing a total of 101 questions.

You can download State of Sustainability 2019 here.

Leidar has taken the lead on the project, ensuring seamless execution and a great result. They have been supportive throughout the entire process and made sure we got a thorough and unique understanding of the state of sustainability in the Norway. By helping us identify where there were knowledge gaps and new opportunities, this work has enabled us to get deeper insights into the work that is done on sustainability and allows us to give more strategic advice to our members.

Andreas Friis, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Sustainability Hub Norway