Creating a community brand

The Walthamstow community has been growing around the St Mary’s church over the last 1,000 years and the church is still at the heart of this community today. With a constantly changing community, St Mary’s moulds itself to remain relevant and always open to all. Whether through worship, conversations, events, play, music or art; St Mary’s Walthamstow is a place that brings people together and improves lives within the community and beyond.


The team at St Mary’s needed help to engage with their wider audience and to maximise the success of the next stage of growth. We developed their brand strategy, including the messaging that allows them to engage the entire community, whether members of the congregation, art lovers, music lovers, people who want to talk, people who want to help or anybody else who wants to join in. From this, a contemporary visual identity was created with an uplifting colour palette and visual style. Whether Sunday service, morning prayer, a music concert or an art happening; St Mary’s Walthamstow hosts many events during any given week which is why an events focused WordPress theme is the perfect fit to create their digital presence.

Project undertaken by Grain previous to its merger with Leidar in February, 2018.