Supporting Magnus Carlsen in becoming a megastar


To manage a rapidly growing Norwegian and international media interest in Magnus Carlsen, as he evolved from a relatively unknown chess player to an international “mega star”.


We assisted Magnus Carlsen’s team with media strategies, development of messages and ongoing advice as Norwegian and international media interest increased with his growing success. We also helped facilitate commercial opportunities for Magnus Carlsen’s brand, brokering new sponsorships and partnerships, while supporting the launch of chess app, “Play Magnus”. In order to position Play Magnus, the chess products and Magnus Carlsen himself, we continuously keep up-to-date records for chess, sports and news journalists in Norway and selected countries internationally.

Working with Leidar was essential to getting Play Magnus on the map and front of people’s minds. Their experience in the Norwegian market and beyond has been a big reason for our success in our first year of operations. Their flexibility and creativity are a great fit for a young company like us and we look forward to growing with Leidar.

— Kate Murphy, Manager, Play Magnus AS