Helping the International Water Association articulate and communicate its North Star

The International Water Association is the network of water professionals striving for a world in which water is wisely, sustainably and equitably managed.


To ensure that the International Water Association, a non-profit organisation and knowledge hub for the water sector and water professionals worldwide, started to articulate and communicate their “why” more clearly. This was an important first step as IWA moves to influence the global water agenda, framed as one of the top global risks by the World Economic Forum.


We started by running a workshop with the leadership team and interviewed the experts to understand their motivations and reasoning behind IWA’s network, actions, programmes and initiatives.

The outcome was a collective understanding among IWA’s executive team that IWA works towards creating a Water Wise World. With this North Star, Leidar developed an overarching narrative document that all IWA staff started to reference when communicating about IWA.

The next step was ensuring that journalists and readers around the world heard this message. We continued our work by supporting IWA in its positioning and at the bi-annual World Water Congress and Exhibition (Brisbane, Australia).

The Result

A Water Wise World

By strategically targeting influential journalists and using the new narrative around a “Water Wise World”, we secured initial media coverage in publications like: ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian Australia, Business Daily Australia, Greentechlead, and CNBC.

Leidar worked with us to better articulate the IWA overarching narrative, and to use it to group our programmes and initiatives to better tell engaging stories of how to create a water-wise world that reduces, reuses and replenishes water resources. This, combined with the media relations efforts and articulating the Drought Action initiative, helped us to gather further momentum behind the global water agenda.

— Ger Bergkamp, Executive Director, The International Water Association