A film introducing the Norwegian satellite program, made for the Norwegian Space Agency


The Norwegian Space Agency is a government agency coordinating Norwegian space activities, particularly with respect to the European Space Agency (ESA) and the EU. This film was produced for the Norwegian Space Agency in connection with the launch of two new Norwegian satellites in July 2017. The purpose of the film was to inform the press, public and politicians about the Norwegian satellite program and tell the story about the use of the Norwegian satellites.


The scenes from outer space are animated from original footage from NASA and a 3D-model from the Canadian producers of the satellites. We included archive footage from earlier productions that we have made for the Norwegian Space Agency. This approach allowed us to keep production costs low for this large-scale story.

The goal was to make a high-end film using mainly stock footage, bringing with it the challenge of using footage filmed at different times and on various devices. In order to achieve a consistent quality, we designed elegant graphic elements and spent time on colour grading and creating effects in post-production. A gentle and warm female voice narrates the film.

We made a short version of the film, as well as a press kit including clips, that were used by the national press during the launch of the satellites.